Fortnite’s Shockwave Grenade May Kill Off Impulse Grenades
Fortnite’s Shockwave Grenade May Kill Off Impulse Grenades

Fortnite Shockwave grenade

Epic Games have just pushed out a new content update for Fortnite season 5 that introduces a fresh item into the dubbing mix. Fortnite v3.50 brings with it the Shockwave Grenade, which is basically all of the goodness of the Impulse Grenade without the unfortunate side-effects.

Ultimately the rare version of Impact Grenades, Shockwave Grenades are available only in Epic rarity and you can stock up to six of them; they drop in stacks of two. They spawn almost everywhere apart from the floor, so they’re hardly going to be difficult to find.

Compared to the Impact, the Shockwave has a distinct advantage: you cannot take fall damage unless you are propelled into the ocean surrounded the game’s map. Like a strange hybrid of Bounce Pads and the Impulse, the Shockwave will launch you (and other players) in a direction at quick speed, meaning that you can vault up builds in no time at all. However, you are also transformed into something of a battering ram with Shockwave's players also able to destroy enemy builds.

This new item makes the Impulse seem rather underwhelming by comparison, which was already difficult to recommend having in your inventory over other items. There’s a skill ceiling with them that can lead to huge fall damage if you’re not precise or calculated enough, though it does have a distinct advantage over the Shockwave in that it does not protect against fall damage for your opponents at all. If it’s a 1v1 on top of a mountain, the Impulse might be the better pick.

Solid Gold also makes a welcome return in v3.50, which may be a reprieve from anyone sick to death of the current SMG meta. The Compact SMG is the only SMG currently available as a Legendary item and is easy to counter thanks to huge nerfs, so it may be an LTM worth spending some time in.

For all the details, be sure to check out Epic’s official blog.


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