Fortnite’s Rift-To-Go May Be A Step Too Far
Fortnite’s Rift-To-Go May Be A Step Too Far

Epic has announced that a new item, the Rift-To-Go, will be coming to Fortnite soon, presumably to coincide with the patch on Thursday. According to the description, it will allow players to use a rift whenever required to gain verticality or avoid tough spots.

Little else is known about it, apart from the fact that it’s coming. It seems that it may be an item to tie in with the season so that it may be used once season 6 rolls around. Bounce Pads have much of the same effect as the Hop Rocks from season 4, which were patched out once the season was up. With season 5 coming to a close shortly, the Rift-To-Go should be a permanent reminder.

Fortnite is a game that’s not what you would call a “serious” experience despite its distinctly competitive edge. Its sillier approach has made it a welcome alternative to military-focused battle royale games like H1Z1 or PUBG. This should be obvious as soon as you enter a lobby and see pandas dancing to memes with sushi chefs, or when you backflip out of the way of a rocket. Straight-faced it ain’t.

However, there has to be a limit to the absurdity, a limit that the Rift-To-Go may be testing. It’s reminiscent of the Port-A-Fort, which was polarising on release. The new item allowed players to build forts in seconds with a grenade-like throw with some believing that it was essentially a cheat code for new players who weren’t great at building. Affectionately dubbed “Myth In A Can” after the Fortnite pro, the Port-A-Fort has since slunk into the background of the Fortnite meta.

Fortnite Rift-To-Go

That might be because the Port-A-Fort has its downsides: it’s comprised of metal so it takes a while to fully form and any decent player will be able to build up to it in a short space of time. In addition, it’s difficult to warrant having a situational item in your inventory when saving a slot for meds or explosives is smarter. It’s hard to see how the Rift-To-Go could have any weaknesses, however.

The way the rifts work in season 5 is that ruptures in the sky have caused them to appear across the Fortnite map. Once you dive into a rift, you are shot into the sky far higher than you would with a Launch Pad, giving you plenty of time to survey your surroundings and assess whether you should just find safety and aggressively push any players you see on the ground. They’re always handy, but they’re never a given. Rifts sometimes just don’t appear in their assigned spots, so you can’t depend on them.

With the Rift-To-Go, however, there are (presumably) no such issues. If it works anything like the Port-A-Fort, you will be able to use the item whenever you like. If you’re getting pincered or just want to nope out of a situation, the Rift-To-Go will get you out of it and allow you to reset. You’re at a distinct advantage over someone without one, knowing that you can ascend almost any builds, or even safely glide out of the storm.

Only time will tell how the Rift-To-Go will actually operate, but it’s unlikely that it will do anything to qualm the growing concerns about Fortnite being too welcoming for new players and shrinking the skill gap even further. Season 5 has been a testing one for Fortnite and its player base, so it will be interesting to see if the Rift-To-Go causes an even bigger rift.

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