Fortnite's New 'Fortnitemares' Tease Reveals Chained Cube Cosmetic
Fortnite's New 'Fortnitemares' Tease Reveals Chained Cube Cosmetic

It may be the middle of a season, but Fortnite is teasing the upcoming “Fortnitemares” in-game event as something akin to a new season launch all the same with a series of teasers, the second of which just dropped today.

Fortnite released the above image onto social media this morning, along with another nursery rhyme:

Tombstones quake,

Keep your finger steady.

The circle will close,

Better be ready.

“Tombstones quake” could be a reference to the return of the zombie “Ghoul Trooper” skin, which was also teased in yesterday’s rhyme, as I’m not sure what else rises from the dead (mummies?). Keep your finger steady and the circle will close seem to refer to more traditional Fortnite mechanics, ie. shooting and escaping the shrinking circle, though I do wonder if “the circle will close” could have something to do with the Cube and its runes.

That would make sense, given that you can see that the image part of the teaser is of a rune cube in chains. It’s not “the” Cube, the big one that rolled around the map last season and has been floating around under Loot Lake island this season, but it’s a cube shape with one of the eight runes on it all the same, and the big Cube island appears like it’s heading back to Loot Lake to do…something, which may coincide with the launch of the Fortnitemares event.


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