Fortnite’s Latest Update Forces Xbox One And PS4 Users To Play Together
Fortnite’s Latest Update Forces Xbox One And PS4 Users To Play Together

Fortnite is getting a new update today that’s making some significant changes to the gameplay for console owners. Epic today rolled out version 8.10 of the game, introducing some major changes to the matchmaking system.

With today’s update, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players are within the same matchmaking pools, meaning they will be playing together and against each other. The expansion of its cross-play feature essentially means you will have no other option than to compete against players on a different console. The feature allows you to opt-in, but if you were to opt-out, you would be restricted to Playground and the Creative Mode.

Epic is also making some changes for Nintendo Switch players. If you play on the Switch, you will now play with and compete against Mobile users on Android and iOS. In the past, the Switch was on the same matchmaking pool as the PS4 and Xbox One, but Epic is making it so Switch players now play with mobile users. “We expect an on-average better pre-game experience for both Mobile and Switch players,” the company said.

The changes to cross-play on Fortnite are quite interesting mainly because of the culture of the gaming community. For so long, console wars have always been very controversial, and with cross-play expanding in such a way that puts PS4 and Xbox One players head-to-head, it’s going to get a lot more controversial and nasty.

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