Fortnite gets new playground mode in latest update, but it is down
Fortnite gets new playground mode in latest update, but it is down

Fortnite: Battle Royale's latest update, version 4.5, on Wednesday unveiled a different mode called Playground, new dual pistols along with significant changes for the hugely popular online shooter.

But as soon as the update dropped, Fortnite's multiplayer matchmaking did start to break, forcing the corporation to roll the update back as it worked out the bugs, GameSpot reports. The game itself is still working smoothly even though the errors are now being fixed, but you need to wait for these the latest features.

Playground mode, as explained Epic, lets as much as four people drop down about the island with relaxed settings to apply building and shooting. Players will get a full hour for the island and not using a storm closing in brush up on fort building and taking advantage of weapons they've already yet to learn.

You won't have problems finding gear either -- all gold chest nodes are started in this mode, so you're able to familiarize yourself with where loot may drop once you play the regular game. Friendly fire is started, but when a friend kills you, you respawn presently, dropping from your battle bus again together with the freedom to search anywhere else within the island.

Epic also has added dual-wield pistols. After dropping on the island more than once today I'm yet to locate any, so I'm still waiting to sense that Neo from The Matrix. Also, to celebrate the Fourth of July, rocket launchers will temporarily be called fireworks launchers, changing the explosion visuals to check like fireworks for that summer holiday.

Another welcome update is because of communicating with your teammates. Now, after you place a marker around the map to say a location, your teammates might find visual indicators in-game where those markers they fit. There were also tweaks to break and accuracy for both shotguns and SMGs.

In addition to your update, Epic announced that season 5, featuring new challenges, will launch on July 12.

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