Fortnite Season 9 downtime update and New Weapon are coming
Fortnite Season 9 downtime update and New Weapon are coming

What time is Fortnite Season 9 downtime update?

It's Wednesday, May 15, 2019, the first patch of Fortnite Season 9 has been confirmed by Epic Games since the start on May 9th, which means the server for all platforms may be offline for a short period, that's to say, a new update is coming.

Over the past week, new changes have been seen in Season 9 to the Fortnite Battle Royale map such as Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, especially the announcement of the arrival of a new weapon, the Tactical Assault Rifle, which we have already mentioned in the NEWS of May 10.

What will happen after the downtime in the Fortnite Season 9?

At 4 AM on May 15, the sever began downtime for updating, not more details leaked yet about how long will the maintenance last, or the time it will recover work again. So make sure you have closed the game and set to “auto update” as it will contain all the new content for the game and you couldn't play again without updating in case you would expect a bit disruption.

The only certainty is Tratical Assault Rifle will be the best weapon joining the campaigns as part of the new update. Just like description in the teaser: “ This robust and precise assault rifle is the ideal option for tight quarters”, which is suitable to act as a quick-firing assault rifle best close to medium- range battle with 30 mag size, 2.2, 2.09, 1.98 seconds reload time and 7 rounds per second causing 25 damage to structures per bullet.

Can more Fortnite Items display in the Shop?

Except from the weapon Tratical Assault Rifle, the Bracer Skins leaked have displayed in the Fortnite Item Shop, what's more, pickaxes, gliders and emotes just updated as well.

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