Fortnite Is Better With The New Social And Media Home For Teens
Fortnite Is Better With The New Social And Media Home For Teens

In the past, we played Fortnite as a co-op sandbox survival video game since the paid-for early access title in 2017, based on contemporary Earth, players are able to fight the storm and protect survivors and construct weapons and traps to engage in combat with these creatures who attempt to destroy the objectives by building fortifications around defensive objectives after 98% of the population disappearing around the world and the attack from zombie-like creatures.

There is no doubt that Fortnite is interesting for majority of players, according to the latest study released by National Research Group, Fortnite has developed a meeting place, messaging service and increasingly central social gathering space for its millions of teen players.

The specific data released showing over 40% gamers between 10 and 17 years old are playing weekly, and a quarter of wasting time is spent for Fortnite, the highest percentage of any game title. There are more than 250 million users are addicted to Fortnite in less than two years with free price, goofy humor, regularly evolving gameplay and wide availability which means that it's good for Epic Games to change the way consumers and brands interact, changed traditional TV into live, real-time engagement for young audiences.

Fortnite is the best service teens are using, and audiences cite its social elements as the primary motivators for playing: be my authentic self and to connect to what everyone is talking about, making me accompanied by others, shared in the Study.

For teen players, not only playing in the game but also they can make friends and play games together in the game's online lobby for hours in three parts: connects me, worthwhile experience and fun to use. So Fortnite is more than a game as well as social attitude which can create a sense of community allowing the players to escape the pressure of reality and feel better.

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