Fortnite Fortbyte 65 Location, a Small Hint "Found In a Basement Budget Movie Set"
Fortnite Fortbyte 65 Location, a Small Hint "Found In a Basement Budget Movie Set"

Let's continue tracking the Fortbyte 65 location in Fortnite along with weekly update. In the past news, we have introduced a lot Fortbytes location and guide about how to find them, this week the Fortbyte 65 has become the major challenge.

It's not more difficult if you have kept eyes on the daily Fortbyte challenges in Fortnite, Fortbyte 65 is the key to help you complete the image of Jonesy's butt, therefore it's a bit harder than others, the guide and location are as follows.

Fortbyte 65 might be "found in a basement budget movie set", according to a small hint by Epic Games. There are a ton of houses on the map, the basement with a movie set you are going to is one of them, in order to arrive it, you have to go ahead to west of Shifty Shafts to the lone houses near it, the one to the south will be your dropping.

When entering the house, go upstairs or via busting through the floor, you will see a screen and some cameras, in which you will find Fortbyte 65 against the back wall near a metal equipment box.

Find and unlock Fortbyte 65, you will get the something mysterious as rewards, and more additional rewards including the Season 9 secret skin are available after collecting and unlocking 90% of 100 Fortbyte challenges in total.

We can get a lot hint or clue from the info released about the rest available Fortbytes, which can help you unlock a good chunk of the mysterious image and put over halfway towards the Utopia skin, a long way need to go before that, good luck on your journey.

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