Fortnite Fans Concerned as Hurricane Florence Heads Straight for Epic Games HQ
Fortnite Fans Concerned as Hurricane Florence Heads Straight for Epic Games HQ

As Fortnite continues to take the gaming world with a ferocity worthy of a Battle Royale title, the folks over at Epic Games are bracing for a different kind of storm.

As many know, Hurricane Florence is flirting along the edges of the United States at terrifying speeds. The impact on the East Coast is sending families scurrying as they get to safety and prepare their homes against the onslaught of the growing storm.

With the Fortnite studio being directly in the hurricane's path and the game having such a record-breaking player base, it's only natural that so many would offer their well-wishes and thoughts of safety to the company and its team of developers. Of course, we wouldn't be gamers without a few good-natured jokes and with all the insanity surrounding the "Fortnite Cube" and season 5's impending closure, many joked that this was all a ruse to kick off season 6.


Obviously the jokes are made in jest and are not meant to take a scary situation lightly. Overall, the thoughts offered to the studio have been supportive in hopes for the safety of all in the hurricane's trajectory.



Epic Games is by far not the only one in the path and we are hoping for everyone's safety until the worst is over. You can track more about the storm's path and more here on Twitter as well as your local news station.

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