Fortnite Event COUNTDOWN: Cube Gets DESTROYED, New Map Location, Shock Butterfly Reveal
Fortnite Event COUNTDOWN: Cube Gets DESTROYED, New Map Location, Shock Butterfly Reveal

FORTNITE EVENT - UPDATE FOUR: The Fortnite cube event has just taken place in Battle Royale - and it was pretty spectacular.

Fortnite players gathered around Kevin the cube to see if the beloved purple object would meet its untimely end.

The Fortnite cube did end up getting destroyed in the event - cracking and then emitting a huge bright, white light that filled a player’s screen.

Fortnite players were then transported to mysterious, other dimensions where there was a rift in the sky that transformed into a butterfly.

The camera then panned to a cutscene where the player's character touched the butterfly and was then transported back to the Battle Royale map.

There they dived back towards Leaky Lake, with Kevin the cube no longer there - replaced with a brand new location on the Fortnite map.

Check out pictures of the Fortnite event in this article, courtesy of a stream by Twitch user PrestonFromTwitch.

Fortnite event

You can head to his channel by clicking here.

So what does it all mean? All will this otherworldly dimension play a part in Fortnite season 7?

Fortnite fans will have to wait to find out but it’s surely set to generate plenty of speculation and fan theories.

Fortnite event

Fortnite event

FORTNITE EVENT - UPDATE THREE: The Fortnitemares Finale is drawing near with something big about to happen to the Fortnite cube.

When players log into Battle Royale they’re being greeted with the message that the Fortnite cube is “unstable” ahead of the major live event starting.

The Fortnite Twitter has also warned players to log in early and be in a match before the start time to witness the one-time live event.

It’s expected that the Fortnite cube will be destroyed in the event, with Kevin making way for a ‘Butterfly’ and a brand new map point of interest.

If for whatever reason, you’re unable to watch the event then you can head to Twitch and tune into a live stream. Click here to watch a stream of the Fortnite cube event.

The Fortnite event will kick off at 1 pm eastern time today, which is 6 pm GMT for Battle Royale fans in the UK.

Fortnite event

Fortnite event

FORTNITE EVENT - UPDATE TWO: The build-up to the Fortnitemares Finale continues with more changes happening to the Fortnite cube.

After the Fortnite cube started cracking and dropping fragments into Leaky Lake it has now started pulsating.

The Fortnite cube has also appeared to shed a layer on the outside to reveal a more raw looking form of Kevin, according to the @FortniteBR Twitter.

As fans gear up for the upcoming Fortnite live event, believed to be called the Fortnitemares Finale, Battle Royale players have been dealt some good news.

Fortnite event

Fortnite event

Epic Games has already announced that the Fortnite in-game live event can only be watched in a match - not in the Playground mode.

It was feared this could lead to opportunistic players attacking others while a ceasefire was being held to watch the event.

But according to leaker @Siloxleaks, in-game files for Fortnitemares suggests weapons may be disabled for the upcoming Fortnite event.

They tweeted: “So, Deimos (Fortnitemares) may have inputs disabled such as weapons, so it may not be possible to kill other players during the event!”

The Fortnite live event kicks off at 1 pm eastern time today, which is 6 pm GMT in the UK.

Fortnite event

FORTNITE EVENT - UPDATE ONE: The build-up to the Fortnitemares Finale has started with strange goings-on occurring in Battle Royale.

Activity has started around the Fortnite cube which is cracked and looks to be on the verge of exploding any moment now.

The Fortnite cube has started dropping fragments of 'Kevin' into Leaky Lake, and these aren't small pieces either.

Fortnite data miner Silox has also found files that seems to suggest what will happen during the Fortnite 'Butterfly' event.

The in-game files appear to show the Fortnite cube will break off into three fragments after what's expected to be an explosion.

It's believed that the Fortnite cube will then spawn a butterfly and a brand new point of interest on the Battle Royale map, according to other leaked files.


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