Fortnite Battle Royale To Have Crazy Castle In Season 6
Fortnite Battle Royale To Have Crazy Castle In Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 is all set to release in a few days and fans are anxiously waiting for new content to hit the screens. Among the things that are set to release is the much-awaited map change.

Game developers have announced a map change and it will bring in a crazy castle to the island of Fortnite. And that’s not the only thing coming to the map as devs have promised the crazy castle would be one of the new inclusions to the map.

This crazy castle was hinted a few weeks ago when Epic games released a video regarding a Fortnite emote. The video had a Fortnite character performing the Capoeira emote near the Snobby Shores. The fans, however, noticed more than just the emote and highlighted a castle in the background of the video.

The castle is located in the Pleasant Park near the woods to the southwest. Currently, there is a house over there but most likely it is going to be replaced with the castle next season.

The Crazy Castle was hinted in the Season 5 Battle pass as well with the Crazy Castle Spray which could be unlocked if you reach Tier 2 of the pass.

This isn’t the first time devs have hinted at locations with sprays and with the video further solidifying the trail we have fingers crossed for the Crazy Castle. Stay tuned as we bring you more from what is coming in Season 6.

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