'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Loading Screens: There's No Hidden Week 10 Banner Or Battle Star
'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Loading Screens: There's No Hidden Week 10 Banner Or Battle Star

Starting in Season 4, Fortnite: Battle Royale started hiding secrets in its loading screens. Every week you got a new, unlockable loading screens for completing every challenge, and together they told a sort of loose narrative of what was happening in the season--in the case of Season 5, very loose. That wasn't all, however. Each loading screen also served as a sort of map to a hidden battle star that you could use to level up your battle pass. Or seven of them, at least. In Season 5, the week 8 and 9 loading screens started dispensing hidden banners instead of stars, giving us a slightly less valuable target, but that matters little for the Fortnite player that just wants to get all the stuff they can.

This week, however, there's no star, and there's no banner. It's possible there's some other sort of secret, but we don't know what it is yet. Someone might find something yet, and we'll keep you updated if they do. Let's take a look at the screen, however:

Fortnite's Week 10 Loading ScreenCREDIT: EPIC GAMES

This offers a little insight into the mysterious purple cube that's been travelling all over the map, albeit only a very small amount of insight. From what we can tell, the cube is either evil itself, or some sort of portal into an evil version of Fortnite. What that means for gameplay is anyone's guess: all we know about the cube so far is that it came from the sky, it creates low-gravity fields at areas where it burns glyphs into the grounds, and it will roast you if you try to shoot at it. That's all well and good for match-to-match fighting, but it clearly has something to do with the broader arc of the season as well. Just what that is remains a bit of a mystery.

There's just one week left in Fortnite's Season 5, and there's likely some more big action on the way. Season 6 is bound to start with some big changes to the map, and whatever they are they're bound to have something to do with this mysterious cube, whether it's going to level Loot Lake or transport the whole world into an alternate dimension. It's really anyone's guess at this point, but we're bound to start getting some more clues soon. Stay tuned.

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