Fortbyte 74 Location: Found And Unlocked In a Filing Cabinet Inside The Assassin’s Room
Fortbyte 74 Location: Found And Unlocked In a Filing Cabinet Inside The Assassin’s Room

This week we continue tracking Fortbyte 74 in the game Fortnite: Battle Royale along with weekly updates by Epic Games, so how to find and unlock Fortbyte 74?

As a daily challenge, Fortbytes are still dropping and likely to continue until the end of Fortnite Season 9. Here is the location of Fortbyte 74 for all Battle Pass owners by picking up a computer chip-like item within the game world.

If you are new, we must introduce to you again, there are 100 Fortbytes in total which are obtained and unlocked in accordance with accumulating EXP, or gathered with more time-consuming. Take Fortbyte 74 as an example, it's a challenge with a clue required players discovered to level up.

Where can you find Fortbyte 74?

In a filing cabinet inside an assassin's basement, you players must travel to desert biome, more easily, the assassin is not always in his own room. Before there, the first destination is Paradise Palms, which is located directly east of Paradise.

Across Paradise, you 'll have a beautiful view of the ocean with a nice beach-side villa, come to the house through the front door, turn left and travel to the end of the hallway, continue turning left and go into the basement.

Arriving at the assassin's basement, you need to enter into the garage, break the floor and locate the filing cabinet, Fortbyte 74 with the slight glow will appear in front of you finally.

Maybe it's not the most difficult, however with trouble and time consumed, after all the travel is a little out of the way.

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