Find and unlock Fortbyte 22 in the underpass Fortnite
Find and unlock Fortbyte 22 in the underpass Fortnite

The latest update of Epic Games still came as promised along with weekly updates for "Fortnite Battle Royale", which may be a huge reason why "Fortnite" has become so popular. Well, let's go and see the main change during the update now.

Finding and unlocking Fortbyte 22 is the key of the key, the players who have played the game knew that the most important aim in the game Fortnite: Battle Royale was Fortbytes.

There are 100 Fortbytes in total, a part of them are obtained and unlocked in accordance with accumulating EXP, the left must be gathered with more time-consuming during the game which includes Fortbyte 22.

In that way, where can you find Fortbyte 22 and gather?

It's in Neo Tilted increased newly, towards the center, here are two underpasses, one is full of rock-magma, the other is the underpass where you can unlock Fortbyte 22. Notice that Fortbyte 22 won't enter your pack as long as you arrive beside it, next work you should do is walking toward the locked Fortbyte floating in the air which is in the western side of the underside, and use your Rox spray, installed on your emote wheel, anywhere in the general area and it will unlock.

What should be added that only you unlock the Rox spray until level 5 of the battle pass.

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