Final Fantasy Xiv Shadowbringers: Balance Between Dark And Light
Final Fantasy Xiv Shadowbringers: Balance Between Dark And Light

It has passed away for over a week that the third expansion of Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers launched, we finally have free time to make a review about the new content and challenges. The players are going to create a brand new legacy as the Warrior of Darkness, which is completely different from the Warrior of Light before.

The previous expansions of Final Fantasy XIV are both grappled with broad-brush concepts in corruption, religion and imperialism, while Shadowbringers has gone another way. The heroes, Warrior of Darkness who once save the world for several times were taken to another world, where is a planet that's on the brink of being engulfed by the power of light, all around them are dark. In order to keep the balance between light and dark, massive boss Sin Eaters called Lightwardens are taken out.

There are two new classes in Shadowbringers, Dancer and Gunbreakers, the latter of which wield the gunblades from Final Fantasy 8, along with two new races, the Hrothgar, who is a lionlike humanoid behemoths and the Virea, which is a rabbit-inspired humanoids made famous by Fran from Final Fantasy 12.

Beyond these, both hub worlds in Shadowbringers have a gorgeous design, Crystarium and Eulmore.

As the first new major hub city, Crystarium is mysterious in which you can track down your Scion companions one by one and encounter a plethora of new characters along the way. With their help, you can start the adventure smoothly.

Another one is Eulmore, a heavily class divided region which is stunningly decadent on its upper level and a literal slum on its lowest one. But it's a very beautiful city without any doubt. Building roofed with stunning crystalline domes, ethereal purple trees cover the landscape, with a neon floral garden in the lower level of the town.

Now it's time to incarnate into a Warrior of Darkness, more detailed plans are also listed to the public. Until July 16, the most challenging end-game content will begin availability with Patch 5.01 hitting and introducing the first new raid, Eden. And in Patch 5.05 on July 30, the savage raid will drop and the race for world first will begin in earnest along with a new treasure hunt dungeon in Lyhe Giahl and a better tomestone currency. Other more changes will be made to FFVIX will debut in Patch 5.0 alongside Shadowbringers.

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