Final Fantasy XIV’s Companion App Goes Live
Final Fantasy XIV’s Companion App Goes Live

For Final Fantasy XIV players, one of the biggest bugbears to wrangle with is managing their inventories. Hopefully, that is getting a little bit easier or at least more manageable thanks to the FFXIV Companion App release today.

ffxiv companion app release

As mentioned before when the app was first announced, the companion app will let players access and handle their character inventory with features to let them sell or discard items. Players can also chat with their friends, Free Company or Linkshells. The app will also let players access the Market Board auction house features, selling or buying items after spending a Kupo Nut item. These Kupo Nuts are earned once each day you log in to the app.

On the subject of Kupo Nuts, there is some monetization associated with the app. While most of the app’s features have no cost, free users can only carry a maximum of two Kupo Nuts a day. A Premium Service Plan is set to be offered which will increase this limit to 10 Kupo Nuts along with other benefits such as an additional Kupo Nut earned each day, management of Chocobo and retainer inventories, and an extra retainer slot and Chocobo saddlebag. The monthly service will cost $5 but is not yet live.

More details about the app, including a link to an FAQ, are found here and a video showing the app’s features in action is below.

Our Thoughts

Hmmm….we’re not so sure about the restrictions being imposed on free users, particularly since a great many of the app’s users will very likely be looking to access their complete inventories through it. How do you feel about these restrictions? Are you going to be using it yourself? Let us know below.

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