Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Launch a New Trailer
Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Launch a New Trailer

It's available for all that a launch trailer ahead of Final Fantasy 14's third expansion, Shadowbringers during its E3 press conference, due to release later this summer by Square Enix.

From the trailer, we can see lots of new contents including two new jobs to the pop MMO along with the two new playable races in Shadowbringers, Dancer and Gunbreaker. During the story "truth that must be known", we can have a look at the characters who are coming to the expansion, some of the new enemies and mobs.

The use and presence of aether and aetheric energy are devoted to explain the split between worlds and the tyranny of light affecting the new gameplay zone in The First world. Although without much gameplay shown in the trailer, we still take a healthy look at the game's beautiful cinematics like the warrior of darkness which could make someone excited.

More importantly, we can get a tease of primals, God to some and beasts to others, primals carry a lot of weight within Eorzea and we can't wait to find out more about them.

The story is still developing and will be updated soon when the expansion releases in just a few weeks on July 2.

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