Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2018 Guide – How to Get Your Fancy Bikini
Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2018 Guide – How to Get Your Fancy Bikini

The Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire event has begun, bringing the heat of summer to Square Enix’s successful MMORPG.

Yet, this year the quest to grab your much-anticipated summer wear is a quite a bit different from previous episodes. Remember that nasty (or awesome, depending on the point of view) platforming challenge around the tower in Kugane? Get ready for some more of that.

Keep in mind that to be able to partake in the event you’ll need to be level 30. It’s very easy to get there, so you shouldn’t have trouble. As long as you match that requirement, there is no fighting involved, so your actual level does not matter.

First of all, head to Limsa Liminsa’s Upper Decks, and grab the quest “Jump to the Beach” from Moyaru Moyaru. Yes, the title of the quest is quite foreboding.


The next quest to do will be nearby. Go to the gold-dressed elsen named Beaudefoin and take the repeatable quest “Eorzean Nimble Warrior.”


Now it’s time for the platforming challenge. Use the water sprouts to get propelled on top of the contraption. There are three challenges of increasing difficulty, and you’ll need to talk to an NPC after each. Don’t miss them, because if you jump down before talking to them, you’ll have to start over.

You can find out a video of the whole thing below, showing you how to do it.



The first challenge is elementary. Just jump from platform to platform to reach the end. It’s really hard to get wrong.

The second challenge requires a bit more precision: if you have trouble with overshooting, using the Walk toggle on the narrow platforms can save you from the issue of running off the edge due to being too eager.

The third challenge is the annoying one, at least if you’re not good at platforming. A good trick to use here is to jump at an angle so that the end of each jump will push against the wall at the back, preventing you from overshooting.

At the top, you can talk with P’obiano and complete the challenge. You will receive ten Pinwheel and ten Bombard Bloom fireworks. You can repeat this quest as many times as you want if you’d like more fireworks for free.

At the backside of the platform the platforming challenge continues, but reaching the very top (at least from what we know at the moment of this writing) is just for bragging rights and to get a nice view.

Once you’re done, go back to Harmaga to continue the story.

Look for your new Mi’qote friend nearby, and watch him attempt the challenge himself.

Go find him after watching the cutscene. Do keep in mind that, as usual, you can select any dialogue choice. It does not matter if you’re sympathetic or cynical.

Now it’s time to swim back to the beach in order to find his little sister. Use the Splash emote on her when prompted.

Lastly, go back to Harmaga to receive your “Endless Summer” outfit with top, bottom, slippers, and shades. It’ll be a offered item that you need to activate in your inventory to receive the set.

Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire

Here’s a little trick: If you use the Visor command in the emote menu, you can lift your shades on your head.

If you want the Mosquito Moogle and Curry Plate furniture items, you can buy them from 5,000 gil each at the Moonfire FaireFire Vendor on the other side of the gazebo. She will also sell you all kinds of fireworks. They’re super-cheap, so repeating the challenge to get them for free is probably not really worth it.

And that’s it: you have completed the Moonfire Faire for this year, hopefully without excessive frustration due to the platforming challenge.

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