Final Fantasy XIV: How To Go Unlock Glamour Dresser
Final Fantasy XIV: How To Go Unlock Glamour Dresser

You won't have the glamour dresser at the beginning of the game. Once your first career reaches level 15 and can now travel to all three major cities. You will want to go to Western Thanalan, Horizon. From there, head west to Vesper Bay and speak with NPC named Swyrgeim to take on the quest called "Absolutely Glamourous."

This is a very simple quest. You just need to pick up orange juice from the nearby NPC and give it to him. After that, you can find the glamour dresser at the inn rooms in any of the major cities.

Speak with the innkeeper to enter your private room, and interact with the glamour dresser in the corner. From here, you can now store pieces of clothing and use them to create glamour plates.

It should be noted that you need to use a glamour prism to store an item in the dresser. Prisms can be crafted and can be purchased from the market board, or bought with Grand Company Seals by talking to the GC Quartermaster. 

With the dresser, you can now create up to 15 glamour plates, which are basically all pre-set outfits, you can apply them to your equipped gear so that they will take on the appearance of your desired outfits. Another thing to note is that if you want to revert the appearance of your armor, you need to use the glamour dispellers, which can also be purchased from the market board or with the GC Seals.

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