Final Fantasy XIV Housing Market Has Serious Issues
Final Fantasy XIV Housing Market Has Serious Issues
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Ever since it has been a thing, the home-owning aspect of Final Fantasy XIV has been a strange source of interesting emergent storytelling. From enormous virtual brothels to in-game inequality issues, the expensive and limited housing space has been super fascinating. But now it appears to be dealing with a bug, and one that is causing both issues for digital homeowners and is driving a wedge between players and support staff.

In a Reddit thread, there appears to be a growing concern over what is essentially an abandonment mechanic. The mechanic has undergone, ostensibly, some quiet changes, and those changes have been exacerbated by a bug. Originally, if you didn’t enter your home for a period of 45 days, your home would be considered abandoned, and that slot would open back up on the market. Apparently, that 45-day limit was quietly shortened to 30 days. But that’s not the big issue.

The big issue is that the system used to send email alerts to players approaching that limit, reminding them to at least check back in so they can continue to own their extremely expensive and high-demand property. A bug appears to be causing that notification not to go out, so people are checking into their Final Fantasy XIV game only to discover their home quietly vanished. To make matters worse, while support is responding my acknowledging the bug is a known issue, they appear to be refusing to restore ownership to lost homes.

It will be interesting, once again, to see how this Final Fantasy XIV matter plays out, and how it affects the game’s economy going forward.

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