Final Fantasy XIV: Hatching Tide Event Returns With Bunny Suit
Final Fantasy XIV: Hatching Tide Event Returns With Bunny Suit

This is exciting news that the Hatching Tide Egg hunt 2020 is returning to Final Fantasy XIV, introducing new glamour items and some exclusive housing furniture.

Hatching-tide is an annual event on Final Fantasy XIV themed after Easter, counterpart of the Egg Hunt event from FFXIV, starting from 2011, it has provided a large amount of different rewards based on the festivity's theme to participants. Here are the details, rewards, along with completing event quests guide of the 2020 edition.

The Hatching-tide will be completed with two chapters, and lasts 14 days, the participants are required to complete both quests and gain exclusive items including Rabbit Set, Stuffed Rabbit, Hatching-tide Advertisement, etc.

Chapter 1: From March 30, 1AM to April 5, 7:59AM PDT
Chapter 2: From April 5, 8AM to April 13, 7:59 AM PDT

The players above level 15 are allowed to take participate in the event and complete "The Eggth Umbral Calamity" quests by talking to ReveIrous Rabbit at Old Gridania, located in Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre.

As long as you complete the event quests, you are able to earn this year's rewards include a bunny suit containing a Rabbit Head, Rabbit Suit and Dapper Rabbit Suit, a plush bunny housing item containing a Stuffed Rabbit and Hatching-tide Advertisement panel, and an Egg Hunter Riggy poster.

The bunny suit is the main bonus for the Hatching Tide event, this is not its first appearance during FINAL FANTASY XIV, which once posted in Hatching Tide 2018, and suitable for ones who want to cosplay as a Viera.

All in all, Hatching Tide event might be around the corner, providing a series of new content to spend some time exploring.

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