Final Fantasy XIV Gardening Vegetables Guide
Final Fantasy XIV Gardening Vegetables Guide

Square Enix created a fantasy Realm of Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV, imagining a life similar to real life is happening here. In order to survive, the avatars controlled by players must engage in various tasks, including gardening for profits. There are two indispensable things for gardening, seeds and topsoil, and the guide is surrounding around the two aspects.

In the garden of Final Fantasy XIV, there are nearly a hundred seed types, and each one has different grow time, wilt time and harvest location, but most of them are useless as they are so common to collect easily, in contrast, some hybrid seeds grown by technical means are very rare and even very precious.

In order to harvest enough food from gardening, you need to spend a certain amount of time and patience on growing vegetables, with some strategic tips, you could make gardening faster and more profits during the process.

Apart from the seed, there are also three types topsoil to choose, grades 1-3, the higher the grade, the more potent their effects, it's best to use Grade 3 among them.

And then choose the type of seeds, you are recommended to plant the bigger ones as they can survive for a longer period, allowing you more time to sell for a higher price. Fertilizer is required to make your plants mature faster, even under harsh conditions, so you need to prepare some.

When the plants are mature, you can sell them to make money, as the value of each plat is different, you'd better keep the focus on the market trends at all times to ensure that you will not lose money while trading. But be aware of being deceived, there are scammers everywhere in the market, they will buy your plants at higher prices with some illegal items.

When you are buying seeds, fertilizer or ever topsoil for gardening, FFXIV Gil is indispensable, but it will not cost too much. Compared to them, there are still several aspects to use Gil in the game, and it is not enough with only farming, MMOAH will provide you with FFXIV Gil to meet all your needs, this is a top one among many marketplaces, it is always trusted as it never deceives any consumer, you are advised to visit the store, and make an enjoyable shopping experience.

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