Fight For Rocket Pass 4 Tier Points Alongside New Battle-Car On August 28
Fight For Rocket Pass 4 Tier Points Alongside New Battle-Car On August 28

In early August, Psyonix announced that the random Crates would be kicked from the game, which did cause some panic to the players when adapting a new game mode, but more enthusiastic, because they are still more looking forward to taking out the Rocket League Items they want from the loot crates. The journey of Rocket League is always on the way along with new content from time to time, and these days, Psyonix called on players to prepare pacenotes to join the new Rocket Pass. The date of rallying is scheduled for August 28, which is also one day after Season 12 goes live.

It did not surprise the players adding a new Battle-Car, after all, Psyonix did this in the previous Rocket Passes, and this new guy is named Mudcat, which is hidden in the reward pack. Only you purchase some Rocket Pass Premium to unlock Mudcat, you can take in on a rugged journey to two different versions in different tiers, of course it is needed to complete the weekly challenges for improving your tier level faster.

There is a G1 version at tier 25, and one GXT version at tier 70. The weekly challenges of Rocket Pass 4 are challenging, which won't last for only a week. From August 28 to December, you are allowed to complete any Weekly Challenge at will at your leisure time and earn three, five or eight Tier Points every week.

Now, it is available for you to unlock Rocket Pass Premium with 10 Keys and get a head start with Premium Bundle with 20 Keys with an additional 12 Tiers.

A good beginning is half of the success, now you’d better clear up all in Rocket Pass 3 and then form a more powerful team for Rocket Pass 4, fight to earn the Tier Points.

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