Fallout 76 Vault 94 Details: Release Date, Gameplay, Separate Missions And More
Fallout 76 Vault 94 Details: Release Date, Gameplay, Separate Missions And More

A few weeks ago we had revealed part of the content of the upcoming Vault Raid of Fallout 76 to you on MMOAH from Quakecon 2019, finally, we waited until this day that Bethesda announced all the details the event along with new patch, read on to clear out all of your doubts.

From August 20, this Tuesday, all players of Fallout 76 are allowed to dive into Vault 94, which is also the first time that Bethesda releases a four-player raid, you are recommended to complete the quests with your teammates, and it can be attempted solo when you are in a full team of level 50+ characters.

Bethesda unobtrusively shares Fallout 76 Items with all players, what you discover in Vault 94 is all yours, the raid, the loot and more.

Vault 94 once was a utopian community situated on the border between The Mire and The Savage Divide, in which the past residents once planted a wealth of natural resources with a pile of seeds and Vault Suits, however, the Vault's door rolled open for some reasons, and the quite life of the local residents was broken. Until now, Vault 94 remains, but the resident of the past have disappeared. Because of the existence of certain threats, Vault 94 faces the danger of being destroyed, so the Appalachian warriors need to come forward to save the Vault 94, and recover the resources hidden within. Look out, the danger is everywhere in no man's land.

Separate missions
Remember, in Vault 94, the Raid is just for your team, the danger is just for your team, and what is inside the Vault is just for your team, so unite your teammates, which can definitely enhance your power.

The Vault Raid is divided into three separate missions to finish, and you need to complete their required goals respectively, each mission lasts for a weeks, which means that if you can't complete one on time, you still have a chance to try it again after three weeks, the specific release dates of three missions are as follows:
August 20: Dead in the Water
August 27: Meltdown
September: Washout

Of course, each mission has three difficulty modes, Novice, Standard and Expert, the harder mode you choose, the more difficult quests you need to complete, in turn, your team can get more rewards.

If your time is not enough, or your team is weak, it is recommended that you can start a mission that is lower than the Expert Mode.

New rewards
As a veteran player, I used to buy some Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to exchange what I need in the game, but now I think it might be more interesting to get those through some events. In the Vault Raid, Bethesda also adds more new rewards including XP, Caps, Improved Repair Kits, and crafting materials, items and more. As long as you complete the corresponding tasks, you can get some of them.

Only less than a day is left, are you ready for the Raid?

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