Fallout 76 Update 19 Full Patch Notes On PC, PS4, Xbox
Fallout 76 Update 19 Full Patch Notes On PC, PS4, Xbox

Fallout 76 has launched Update 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 19, which brought the biggest-ever update following Wastelanders, featuring new and returning events, updates for automatic item naming, backpack skin improvements, new limited-time Nuclear Winter Challenges and rewards.

There is an Ally Customization, allowing to customize your Allies new looks like outfits, headwear, costumes and armor through your wardrobe, but the dress any Ally gets from you will not receive any buffs or bonuses, that is, when you scrap an Ally station, they will revert their default outfit immediately.

Beyond that, it also provided a series of highlights of Update 19, including Hunt for the Treasure Hunter, Fasnacht Parade and Item Naming Updates, Limited Time Challenges, all of which require players to complete specific tasks or challenges to earn treasures, items and cosmetic rewards.

The developer Bethesda has been working hard to fix the bugs in the game, and in Update 19 it also added a huge number of Fallout 76 items, as well as NPCs, who can chat with players now. Moreover, it also fixed the issues in Nuclear Winter, including updated the lists of buildable and non-buildable Atomic Shop objects, removed the non-functional activator from Scrapbox, restored missing characters on the Nuclear Winter Map Voting screen, as well as removed Nuclear Winter Card Packs in Adventure Mode quests.

There is a clear list of what is changing in Fallout 76 provided by Bethesda on Fallout.com.

Now, you can download Update 19, but you need to reserve some space, 10.7GB for Xbox, 8.6GB for PlayStation 4, 4.1 GB for PC, as well as 5.9 GB for Stream.

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