Fallout 76: The Legendary Run Brought Social Problems
Fallout 76: The Legendary Run Brought Social Problems

Recently, when you start up Fallout 76, it would be immediately noticed The Legendary Run on the main menu, a mock game board acting as the roadmap for progression by clicking it.

The progression is spread across 100 ranks, each of which requires a set amount of SCORE, a new arbitrary point-tracking system in Fallout 76.

Simply put, you are able to complete every quest on the board and rank up to 100, or change the order the ranks appear by using 150 Atoms. In order to earn SCORE, that's where the daily and weekly challenges come into play. Every day, you might encounter four or five, but each one is not hard to finish, even just some tiny adjustments.

Even so, the Legendary Run did not work very well, and even brought a series of social problems in Fallout 76.

The SCORE system only allows players to earn SCORE through daily, weekly and public events, but clearing public events outside of this won't, which restricts players from earning rewards in more challenges throughout the season.

One feature of the Legendary Run set by Bethesda is that any player can form a team at any time, but someone encountered difficulties in finding friend applications from other players, after the system first popped up notifications, it was not allowed to be viewed anymore.

Another issue, although people are now maintaining a sufficient social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not necessary in virtual games. In Fallout 76, there is no chat, or voice chat, in the world affected by nuclear war, you can only play alone, and no one is talking, you can't even find any channels to receive help or give help to others.

This is a serious problem in Fallout 76, especially when you want to do more, maybe Bethesda is trying to improve it, if not, we can't stick to playing it, just like a stand-alone game.

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