Fallout 76 Screenshots Released, Revealing New Areas Of The Upcoming Wastelanders
Fallout 76 Screenshots Released, Revealing New Areas Of The Upcoming Wastelanders

In celebration of Thanksgiving holiday, Bethesda prepared a hearty meal for everyone in Fallout 76, bringing some brand new game screenshots, which may leak some messages of the upcoming updates, Fallout 76 Wastelanders Update.

With these screenshots, it can be clearly discovered that this is a class-war in new areas among players, the new locations include a chapel with a group of cultists inside it, a Raider settlement made out of prewar machines, an underground parking garage, as well as an underground factory-like area.

Bethesda is showing off the upcoming Wastelanders content to the public through the screenshots, replacing a trailer to let everyone know what will happen when humans return to Appalachia. And it also introduces a lot of new content in Fallout 76 Wastelanders, weapons, enemies, more in-game items, countless challenges and missions.

A group of mysterious cultists stay in a run-down castle of Appalachia

One raider settlement without any player

Watoga Underground, a self-automated parking garage

A hub for Foundation settlers underneath Spruce Knob

Mort, a ghoul who lives at the Wayward

Wasterlanders is a large-scale update announced recently, Bethesda promises it will bring some new NPCs, plenty of new gear and more. But as for its release date and details, Bethesda has new content to be determined in order to bring players the near-perfect gaming experience. Due to some bad reviews of players, Wastelanders of Fallout 76 was postponed to 2020.

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