Fallout 76 Is Going To Set Up The Brotherhood Of Steel
Fallout 76 Is Going To Set Up The Brotherhood Of Steel

One of the most famous series in the Fallout series—The Brotherhood of Steel is coming to Appalachia. So far, the Brotherhood of Steel has outstanding performance in every Fallout game, but it rarely appears in Fallout 76.

This faction originated from the US Army and was established in 2077 after the First World War. The story begins with the new NPC Russel Dorsey in the game. He believes that the Brotherhood of Steel is coming soon and is preparing to be established in Atlas Observatory. Since Dorsey is a big fan of the Brotherhood, he wants to do things well and prepare for them, and he will reward anyone who helps him. So if you want to get rewards, you need to provide him with as many materials as possible. If you don't have enough materials, the best way is to go to MMOAH to buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps.

The new NPC is not just as simple as sending you quests, the return of the traditional art dialogue system in Fallout allows me to truly "communicate" with them. And Fallout 76 abandoned the extremely simple dialog box of Fallout 4, picked up the dialogue system of Fallout: New Vegas. The advantages are obvious. Players can more intuitively understand the meaning of each sentence when choosing a dialogue.

Players can provide Dorsey with raw materials, and in return, they will get a package. Each package contains items and plans, some of which are rare items or for new items. By contributing materials for the defense of the observatory within a certain period of time, all players of Fallout 76 can obtain rewards such as special approval, buildings, blueprints, etc. If you want to build a house according to your wishes, but lack certain materials, the best way is to go to MMOAH to buy Fallout 76 Caps, where you can buy the more Fallout 76 Caps with the least amount of money. It offers the best service and the most secure online payment system, and if you have any questions, they will answer them for you.

There are actually two parts to Fortifying ATLAS: Project Alpha is the first part, beginning on August 4 as previously stated. Then there's Project Bravo, which begins on August 27, and each project has its own supply requirements that must be met to gain rewards. Every time players contribute materials, they will receive "ATLAS Donor's Provisions", which can be accessed from the inventory menu and contain the possibility of scoring rare Plans. Of course, players will need to team up to unlock as much of the wealth as possible.

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