Webzen will likely be bringing new content to MU Legend open beta users while using release in the faction Wars update on January 9th. The new content allows guilds to challenge the other "for the ascendancy on the server also to prove which fellow players' supremacy will rule above the server".

“The guild wars feature update marks a final important critical for shape the final OBT version of MU Legend. Thereafter, each following additional contents for the game is going to be part in the official turmoil the game. Talking about the official launch of the game, when we're still keeping secret as well as for now the exact date, rest ensured however we are  steadily working away at making happen what are going to be our most significant date following OBT one! Almost obviously because our crowd of fans predict it in the future, one of many ranks from the big and numerous novelties for 2018, stands the mysterious Spellbinder class that could bring the amount of playable characters in order to 5!

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