FIFA 21: EA Sports Confirm They Scrapped Fitness And Training Cards 
FIFA 21: EA Sports Confirm They Scrapped Fitness And Training Cards 

There are less than two months away from the release of FIFA21. I believe that fans are already excited about this year's edition of the game. EA also released some significant improvements to FIFA 21, making it more exciting than ever, and introduced new levels of customization and progression this year. New ICON cards have also been added to the game, so if gamers want the like of Eric Cantona or Samuel Eto'o to join their team, they need the help of FUT 21 Coins. It is best to start saving money from the first day.

Saving FUT 21 Coins will be relatively easier because EA Sports announced that they will scrap the unpopular fitness and training cards. They said: In order to streamline the system in the game, they decided to remove the fitness and training items in FUT 21. From the beginning, the fitness program has become a light management element in Ultimate Team. The deterioration of the players' fitness was original to encourage rotation in the squad and to imitate some management decisions that the football squads have to consider. But this did not achieve their desired effect, and it is not interesting. So this year, although Fitness and Player Stamina are still important factors in the game (it can determine how much and how long you sprint), gamers will no longer need to manage the mechanic on the menu. All players in FUT 21 will start every game at full Fitness.

The training items are also a major part of the game, allowing the application of stat boosts to players for a single game. But this is not used by most players in the game, so this will also be removed. As a result of these two changes, Fitness, Training and Healing related Staff Items will also be removed from the game.

We have to say that EA is right, fitness and training cards were not very fun. EA has listened to gamers and removed both of these items, so in FIFA 21, you can focus all their attention on improving your teams and can buy more Icon Cards you like. If you don't have enough FUT 21 Coins, but them on MMOAH is a perfect choice for you. MMOAH not only provides FUT 21 Coins at a lower price than the market but also has a fast delivery rate. This can save you money and time. And MMOAH team will provide the most considerate service, if you have any questions, just ask them, they will answer you patiently.

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