FIFA 20 Guide- Gain More Shooting Score With Headliners
FIFA 20 Guide- Gain More Shooting Score With Headliners

EA Sports announced that it will release FIFA 20 Headliners cards in the Ultimate Team around February, which are some more special players cards in the game, and prepared for those who are on an exceptional run of form during the season so far, about 20 players. Since each of the Headliners could remain one overall point higher than their latest in-form card, making them very popular and rare among the players.

There is no doubt that some of these cards will get boost for the team, but it still needs some strategies to maximize their roles, which is reflected in the shooting score, the most important aspect of attacking throughout FIFA 20. What's more, it could allow you to get more scores to know how to strike the ball effectively, on the contrary, you'll miss a lot.

In order to improve the shooting scores, you'd better do so.

Choose best shooting types
There are many shooting types to choose from in FIFA 20, each one can play a role in a specific situation, and your task is to figure out which type is more suitable for each player in the team.

Finesse Shot
This requires the players to use power flexibly, a finesse shot could let the ball fly into the top corner of the net through tapping it. And the best method to score goal is near the 18-yard-box, which could increase the finesse shot, so an excellent player should attempt to score with a finesse shot inside, or on the edge of the box.

Chip Shot
This is the easiest type of shooting, but it is hard to find the good time to shoot. You all know, every team on the court has a goalkeeper, this will give the opponent a good opportunity to chip shot when the keeper is off of his line, but this is very rare occurring in any professional game of FIFA 20.

Low Driven Shot
This is an effective method to gain shooting score from inside the box. After executing a driven shot, one player could strike it into a specific corner of the goalpost, which could increase the odds of your shot going into the back of the net.

Flair Shot
Surely, due to the complexity of this method, not all players can learn it. Compared with scores, its performance and aesthetic aspects seem to be more important, therefore, this type is only applicable for the players who have the "flair trait".

Shoot outside the box
Long-range shooting doesn't sound simple, but not all players can't do it, especially the Headliners. In order to gain the scores, the player must have a high long shot stat to shoot, ideally 85 +, with a clear path to the opponent's goalpost.

The shooting score is uncertain in every game of FIFA 20, which tests the players' agility, function, skills and even luck. So, the players with higher OVR can create more opportunities, which is why they are always high priced and in great demand.

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