NEW FIFA 18 upgrades are actually made to PS4 and Xbox One this month, making some much-needed tweaks to FUT.

While fans will still be waiting to determine which players will be receiving the upgrade treatment in FIFA 18, EA Sports are actually making changes behind the scenes.

EA Sports have right now revealed the full list of changes that they have meant to their popular footy game.

New FIFA 18 upgrades to FUT are already made over the month, and have recently been fully revealed in new patch notes.

A review of the changes that are actually made, plus the issues that happen to be addressed, are actually available to view below.

This covers multiple versions of FIFA 18, including FIFA 18 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch, in addition to FUT Web and The Companion App.

The new FIFA 18 server upgrades is available below:

Made the next changes in FIFA Ultimate Team on Xbox One:

    Limited the power for players to start the Xbox Home Menu after a FUT Champions match, in the Weekend League along with Daily Knockout Tournaments.
    Opening the Xbox Home Menu throughout a FUT Champions match can cause the player who opens the menu to forfeit the match.
    You it is able to start the Xbox Home Menu in your Pause Menu or during halftime without penalty.

Addressed these issues in FIFA Ultimate Team on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC:

    In rare instances, players not being able to connect to FUT after disconnecting during a FUT Squad Battles Featured Squad match.

Addressed the subsequent issues on FUT Web/FIFA Companion App:

    Players getting an incorrect error message when trying to login to FUT Web or Companion App while they will still be logged into FUT on console/PC.

These changes come before EA Sports release their new FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades for players, for a new server releases finished, it implies we could see their release in the near future.

As portion of the Ratings Refresh, EA Sports will permanently change the stats of certain players.

High performing players will get a stats boost, while underperforming players are going to be downgraded.

Check your gallery below for any look at the Premier League stars almost guaranteed to receive a stats boost...

Fans are already able to influence the 2010 Ratings Refresh, from a recent questionnaire.

"Who you think deserves a Ratings, Weak Foot or Skill Moves upgrade in FIFA 18?" reads a current tweet.

Fans can nominate a farmer and a different score.

EA Sports have likewise released a brand new event for fans aiming to collect more promo packs and tackle new Squad Challenges.

The new FIFA 18 Lunar New Year update is live on PS4, Xbox One and PC but doesn’t add some anticipated Winter Upgrades.

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