FFXIV Patch 5.3: Major Updates For Newcomers
FFXIV Patch 5.3: Major Updates For Newcomers

The FFXIV free trial will have some big changes, including not only a complete base game, a Realm Reborn, but also a complete expansion of Heavensward. This means that you can experience the equivalent of two complete Final Fantasy games for free, and you can enjoy hundreds of hours of game time with other adventurers, and there is no limit.

In addition, there are some other features that will be accessible to all Free Trail players.

     ·The upper limit of all classes and jobs levels for free trial has been increased to level 60.

     ·Players can now try 13 different classes and jobs, including 3 jobs added with Heavensward-Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian.

     ·The Au Ra race is available to play as.

     ·The Palace of the Dead is now fully unlocked, and players can traverse to the deepest floor.

The Free Trial extension is not the only reason to make players happy. There are more surprises waiting for players. The starring scene questline of A Realm Reborn will be updated and streamlined so that players can experience the essence of the story, and at the same time, they can advance to Heavensward faster.

On top of this, FFXIV will increase the ability to use flying mounts to fly in A Realm Reborn area. Players need to complete the main scene of A Realm Reborn through The Ultimate Weapon quest. And you can enjoy new horizons and travel through these areas faster.

FFXIV 5.3 also set up some other changes and additions, including adjustments to classes/jobs and updated PVP content. The additional content of this update includes more in the Save The Queen, Resistance Weapons and Sorrow of Werlyt, as well as Tribe questlines.

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