FFXIV: How o Get And Use Unaspected Crystals?
FFXIV: How o Get And Use Unaspected Crystals?

In Final Fantasy XIV, you can not only get through the entire game alone, but if you want to participate in the social aspects of the game, you can consider setting up or joining a Free Company. If so, you'll definitely want to be familiar with Unaspected Crystals.

What are Unaspected Crystals?

Unaspected Crystals can be used to craft items, provide helpful boosts to your Free Company to make the leveling process go faster, or reduce gear wear and teleportation costs. If you are not in an FC, they will not serve many purposes to you. But if you are in an FC, you will definitely consider farming them. The good news is that in FFXIV, Unaspected Crystals are actually easy to obtain.

Where to get?

First, only level 50 gatherer can obtain Unaspected Crystals in the A Realm Reborn areas. Every unsoiled node (special nodes that only appears at a specific time) in ARR will give you a chance to get an Unaspected Crystal in a random slot. However, the unspoiled node in Mor Dhona will always give you one Crystal in its final slot. Therefore, if you want to farm it reliably, you need to check the Mor Dhona node whenever it's available.

The node itself is located at the North Silvertear position of Mor Dhona, at the coordinates X: 1, Y: 8. It is available at 1 p.m., 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Eorzea time. Make sure to reach the bottom slot to get your Crystal.

What It's For?

Unaspected Crystals can be used in the following recipes for items that give you FC boosts:

                                · Wheel of Capacity                                                      · Wheel of Observation          

                                · Wheel of Company                                                     · Wheel of Permanence

                                · Wheel of Confrontation                                              · Wheel of Pilgrimage

                                · Wheel of Dedication                                                   · Wheel of Precision

                                · Wheel of Efficiency                                                    · Wheel of Productivity

                                · Wheel of Industry                                                       · Wheel of Recreation

                                · Wheel of Initiation                                                      · Wheel of Revival

                                · Wheel of Longeing                                                     · Wheel of Rivalry

                                · Wheel of Nutriment 

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