Escape From Tarkov: Weight System Changes To Improve Patch 0.12.4
Escape From Tarkov: Weight System Changes To Improve Patch 0.12.4

While the long-anticipated Patch 0.12.4 has not yet been released, Escape from Tarkov has provided a preliminary outline of all the latest changes through trailers and other announcements.

However, it has been considered for a long time that the patch notes of Escape from Tarkov is always more about reality, so it ignores other more important content, which makes some players who like the mechanism find the game more interesting, but the rest are increasingly disappointed in it.

With the Interchange rework, the endurance and strength stats have developed a lot, but the community should keep more focus on more new weight system in Escape from Tarkov.

From the developer Battlestate Games, the mechanics, overweight, and the character debuffs while carrying a certain amount of weight and more surrounding with the weight would be adjusted.

Simply put, players will be penalized for carrying too heavy with the new weight system, the debuff starts at 40 kilograms to cause the players' endurance to consume much faster than usual, and as the weight continues to increase, the speed will be slower until not able to move. In the past, even carrying over 100 kg, there wasn't much.

With the setting, players can't adapt. A powerful character must be accompanied by powerful equipment, bulletproof vests, weapons and some grenades, which will increase the weight to carry and slow the speed. Also, when you win the battle and get loot from the enemies, you can't use it because of too heavy, which is really a bit regrettable. No one wants to continue fighting without rewards.

This proves that there are still a lot of bugs and faults in the weight system, which is why most players are not satisfied with the patch.
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