Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Celebration Will Run From July 20 To August 6

Starting from July 23, the Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Celebration will be officially opened and continue until Tuesday, August 4. During this period, players can earn bonus rewards and return through exploring and adventuring in Summerset and Artaeum.

As you dive into Summerset, you could experience beauty and danger of the High Elf homeland to receive loot from daily quest, world, delve bosses, etc. Every time you complete one among Abyssal Geyser, delve, world boss daily quest, or the Cloudrest trial weekly quest, you could receive a Glorious Summerset Coffer besides regular rewards, in which contains valuable items, set items, crafting materials, furnishing recipes, and pages of the brand-new Snowhawk Mage outfit style.

That is, players will have two weeks to obtain these rewards, endless, in addition to the above rewards, they could keep earning Summerset Coffers by completing activities, although they are not luxury in Elder Scrolls Online, this will not let you get nothing while keeping exploring the isle of Summerset.

In order to get a new evolution, Mossheart Indrik in the Summerset Celebration, this is needed with a Nascent Indrik and four Mossheart berries, two berries can be obtained from the Impresario, and the rest will arrive in later to-be-announced events, which must be used to participate with Event Tickets throughout Elder Scrolls Online.

By the way, you are still able to earn Event Tickets from "The first delve, world boss, Abyssal Geyser or Cloudrest trial quest".

If you are free, come to ESO and complete daily task before August 4, and then you'll be rewarded.

If you are an ESO Plus member, you can access Summerset DLC for free, for non-subscribers, they are also lucky enough to buy Summerset at 50% off during the celebration.

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