Elder Scrolls Online Stonethorn DLC Announced, Continuing Dark Heart Of Skyrim

On July 3, Elder Scrolls Online released the details of the next DLC and Update 27 through Twitch.tv/Bethesda to continue the storyline of the year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim.

The next DLC is called Stonethorn, following the Greymoor chapter released in late May, and it brought new items, collectibles, as well as dungeons, such as the Blackreach dungeon Stone Garden and Castle Thorn.

The Stone Garden could guide you to the depths of Blackreach Caverns, where you'll encounter new enemies created by Alchemist Arkasis. You must have seen the dungeon in the last chapter of ESO, but in Stonethorn, it will be changed a lot.

Also, the Castle Thorn claims the players to defend Western Skyrim from an invading army of vampires, along with a new legion of baddies, where you could also receive new item sets and collectibles.

Moreover, it added the Character Pathing to the Housing system to build paths for many residents like pets, mounts and assistants, each of which can be specified many nodes, walk speed, delays and movement directions.

There is also a free base game patch coming with Stonethorn to improve stability and load times, including the Character Pathing.

The new chapter of ESO is coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia soon.

In Stonethorn, you'll encounter many challenges and quests to earn rewards, as well as ESO Gold, which will give you great help to enhance your strength.

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