Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr: Dragonhold Preview And Guide
Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr: Dragonhold Preview And Guide

It doesn't have too much difference that ESO has been focusing on developing different DLCs, which are like the update packs in other games, while this one, Dragonhold in November this year is going to be released to end the season of the dragon adventure on ESO. In order to warm up the new DLC, we have gotten the news from Bethesda that a community event will be held on the last day of August, which could make the players experience new content of Dragonhold in advance.

More importantly, as the last DLC of Elsweyr, the developing team of Bethesda has been working for a long time to make a satisfying ending. In a zone of Southern Elsweyr, a brand new adventure is going to break out, and there are still about two months for you to make enough preparation, after all, those challenges, missions, questline and enemies are never seen before. If necessary, contact your friends and form an in-game team with them in advance, which is the first tip we can give you.

Following the two dungeons in Scalebreaker, the players are still being challenged in the Dragon Hunt Events of Dragonhold. A land of Khajiit kingdom has become a barren, lawless wasteland for some reasons, what you need to do is decrease the threat of the dragon and recover the silence of the ancient Dragonguard. During this period, you have to encounter some of these, Delves, World Bosses, Quests, believed that you are brave enough to save the world from the dragon menace.

If you are one of ESO Plus members, you can get free access to all DLCs including Dragonhold. For this time, you can play better than before with the help of ESO Gold, which can equip your characters. After all, it is sure that more advanced weapons can defeat bosses and get loots faster based on past experience.

Just to remind you again that don't be late for the community event in Seattle on August 31, it does give you huge help previewing the new DLC a few days earlier than others.

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