Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold Detail: Release Date, Preview, Storyline And New Zone
Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold Detail: Release Date, Preview, Storyline And New Zone

The Season of the Dragon has passed more than half, over the past four months, the undead with the Necromancer class had a different adventure through Khajiiti homeland. Now it is coming to an end, and something new would start.

Dragonhold might be just around the corner, Bethesda announced the plans for the next DLC, Dragohold yesterday, including its release date, preview, story and more.

By now, there is no official news to confirm the release date of Dragonhold, but it will indeed launch on PC, MAC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year, along with a series of dragon-filled adventures. At the moment, the DLC is still a work-in-progress, but all seems to be going very well, it might come soon.

Before that, on this Friday, September 13, the Zone Lead Jason Barnes and Writer Bill Slavicsek plan to preview the details of Dragonhold, who will respond to all of your questions about Dragon-themed, stay tuned on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Steam.

With Dragonhold, a new zone is added to explore in Southern Elsweyr called Pellitine, which is a lawless wasteland that suffered a devasting plague many years ago. Here you would meet more NPCs than before when traveling throughout the whole city, you can even interact with some of them.

Sai Sahan is the most common one you encounter, who can help you get rid of all the dragons on Tamriel. It is like a chore, and you can't complete all the tasks in a short time. It is possible to achieve success only by earning XP, enhancing your character skills and leveling up continuously. If so, the cheap ESO Gold provided by MMOAH can really reduce much trouble, why not to try it?

In Dragonhold, a main story also includes a few small stories, which could give players a new game experience. We understand much your expectation for unknown surprises, and it is the charm of MMORPGs like ESO: what you see now is not all, and any game always has place to grow by updates or DLCs, all is prepared for new or experienced players.

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