Each generation of gaming brings forth a title that becomes far more popular than anything else and spawns a franchise of devoted fans an incredible success. We’ve seen the rise of so many franchises to do so such as Pokémon, Grand Theft Auto, and Overwatch are just to name a few that capture the world by storm and become beloved by millions around the globe. The most recent of these massive success stories comes is none-other than the free-to-play shooter in Fortnite, which has been a global phenomenon since launch. Just like every title before it, it is has garnered a large fan following, an abundance of riches and a whole lot of hate towards the series.

Wherever you go now, you are most likely going to see something related to Epic Games’ Fortnite. Whether it be from apparel, news reports and everything else between, this free-to-play game has captured the imagination of millions around the globe. The battle royale genre has exploded in the last few years and has brought in so many players, from competitors to new gamers to enjoy this quirky, yet calculated title under a variety of different platforms that range from playing at home in your living room, or on the go with a cell phone. This strategy complied with the free-to-play aspect are the reasons behind Fortnite‘s success as no matter what device you have or how you want to go about it, there is always a way to play.

The game has grown far beyond than just a simple video game as different media outlets have both signed its praises as an amazing title for friends to enjoy in a cooperative setting to suggesting that it has had a negative influence on many. While it is easy to see as to why people may think such a way as there have been extreme cases where people have shown sign of aggression as well as shown these negative influences, these remain few and far in-between takes that have magnified under to scope of the success of this title. Many will point out that the younger demographic of gamers who play Fortnite is the most susceptible and there is truth behind that thinking, but it isn’t everybody and pointing at one wrongdoing or any bad behaviour shouldn’t be considered a majority in any argument.

This is reminiscent of the times of when Pokémon (Red/Blue Versions) came out and the entire world was focused on this pocket-sized phenomenon. Many children (myself included) were glued to these titles and purchasing merchandise, toys, clothing, cards on a game that nobody knew how to play and everything else in-between to the point where many were scrutinizing the pocket monster franchise. Outlandish claims from religious groups suggesting that the game was introducing and converting children about the creation of evolution and that Pokémon was a sinful product, to parent groups stating that they lost their child to these games and even now, there are some who wish to blame these entries for their kid’s bad behavior or faltering grades.

Once again, some of these points have some validation behind them, but much like everything else in life, we have to be taught and have an understanding of what it means to have limits. This isn’t an attack on any parent or guardians regarding their parenting skills, far from it, but to point out that these titles bring the worst in their children and or they are a by-product of sinful propaganda is a bit of an extreme and I will be the first to agree that there should be certain restrictions in regards to what and how a younger audience goes out and plays these highly acclaimed titles like the Pokémon’s and the Fortnite’s of the world, but moderation and education go hand in hand and finding a proper balance is the foundations of what we should be looking for.

The topic of the violence in Fortnite has also been a heated topic as of late and once again, focusing on the impact and how it affects a younger audience. Now once again, I stand by that theory, to a certain degree as I’ve already spoken out in regards to this topic in the past and how it isn’t just one company, one parent or one child’s problem, but lies with each individual and each name to do something about it. Unlike the Call of Duty’s and the Grand Theft Auto’s of the world, Fortnite at least is far more cartoonish in nature and offers a far more likeable approach compared to these more mature entries, however it is still people shooting guns at one another and no matter how much you want to colour it up, it will always be an issue no matter in which way you look at it.

The way I see it is that Fortnite is a title rated T for teen or 12 years + depending on the region and that seems to be the age range that many people will view it as a proper categorization for this free-to-play game. The violence, once again, cartoonish at nature and tamed just like many games that fall under this category. Now take a title such as Destiny 2 or even Uncharted 4which also fall under this category that has far more violent acts, blood, and have far more “realistic” gunfights are to be sold in the same bracket of games that Fortnite is in. This is where I am opposed to the rating system because it is far too spread out and inconsistent as to where one game may be scrutinized, for one thing, such as violence, the other may get a pass, especially if that game isn’t a world phenomenon, much like how Fortnite has become.

Quickly moving over these matters to something far more petty is how people go out of their way to say anything negative to try and make games such as these a terrible experience. There’s nothing that bothers me more than somebody, no matter is when people make it their missions to spew negative ideas or say horrible things just for the sake of a reaction. I do know that it seems amplified when it comes to gaming, but it is everywhere and it is just painful to see or watch when someone just wants to put anything and anyone down for their hard work. It is a shame too that we see so much of it floating on the internet or in our daily lives as nobody deserves to have their work looked down upon because one person or group says its bad. I’m sure the negative feedback really doesn’t bother Epic Games in any sense of the matter, but saying that to an individual may be far more harmful than just saying that this isn’t something for me and move on.

The real sad part of it all is that there are so many stories, far too many to list that have occurred over the years in the gaming industry that it really gives a bad public image for all gamers. Gaming is such a special community and a terrific one at that, but just like everything else in life, there are those who wish to ruin the fun for everybody and that goes for games such as Fortnitethat the popularity has grown exponentially. This isn’t just in regards to those who want to bash the game, but also play it and either scream at their televisions or harass other gamers for their play through the means of cyberbullying and personal attacks.

There’s no denying that this has been an ongoing issue for online community focused experiences and there hasn’t been much of a response for this over the years with the best solution being to not play the game, but that completely defers to what these experiences are all about. Games such as Fortnite promote great cooperative play, community and support for one another and when this works, it works very well, but when it doesn’t it really becomes a mess and more often than not, it gets flack for it. There is no easy fix for this and having Epic Games or any other video game company to police their online communities would be ridiculous and far too difficult without compromising exactly what these titles focus on.

Has any of this slowed down Fortnite in any sort of way? Absolutely not and it won’t ever. The main reason behind this game’s success is to be able to look past that mess of things and not let it carry over into its experience. There are times where it becomes absolutely frustrating to see the response of people regarding a win or a loss or even a simple mistake, but like every other game before it, it is just a game. and should be viewed as such. It’s possible that Fortnite even bettered itself for this by not responding to any “controversies” or “issues” it may have since its launch and really makes it the #1 game to play this generation, even with all of the hate, just like every other massively successful entry before it.

Many have voiced their displeasures towards Fortnite for a variety of reasons and while some arguments can be made to justify these points, most of them are simply white noise that the franchise doesn’t deserve. The constant badgering and negativity surrounding this massive hit won’t stop Epic Games from continuing their support for Fortnite and the game will only continue to grow for the years to come. While many will try to put it down as a cheap gimmick title or one that is bad for gaming, there’s no denying what Fortnite has been able to achieve as one of this generation most popular entry’s and nothing can take it away from that.

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