ESO Year-Round Retrospective In 2019 By Creative Director On Christmas

First of all, happy Christmas and New Year to everyone! It is less than a week before 2019 ends, to thank all of you for supporting MMOAH over the past year, we have prepared some Christmas gifts for you. By January 5, 2020, all who purchase any product on MMOAH can enjoy a 6% off for every order by using "XMAS" as code, but once the special offer is over, all the products will be sold at the original price.

Back to our topic today, it is the best time for the annual summary, and the director of the Elder Scrolls Online did the same. Rich Lambert gave a letter to everyone for 2019 retrospective not long ago.

From Lambert, it is the five-year anniversary of ESO, so it tried something new for the first time, merging the four expansions the year's releases(Wrathstone, Elsweyr, Scalebreaker, and Dragonhold) into a single, but unexpectedly it was positively accepted by fans, which was described by Lambert as a grand and memorable attempt.

However, this does not mean that ESO's development in 2019 is smooth, some technical and performance issues in the game still caused a lot of troubles for players, in addition to promising to do better in the future, there might be nothing to do for Lambert.

Looking back the year, ESO added different updates in four quarters, from Update 21 to 24, providing a series of performance improvements to the game, and was updated nearly every month.

What's more, Lambert also shared a video in the letter, he was lying on a chair and tattooed. Yes, he fulfilled his promise for the Elswery announcement and get at least 90k viewers on the stream. Haha, the first-ever tattoo didn't affect his handsomeness, at least he did it.

At the end of the letter, Lambert expressed his gratitude and thanks to all players who once contributed to the "SlayDragonsSaveDragons" on behalf of the whole ESO. A total of $220,000 was raised through slaying dragons, and has been sent to charities to save those poor animals.

In 2020, there will be more exciting things happening in ESO, and the specific details will be announced at the next Chapter announcement stream on January 16, if you don't want to miss any of them, please check them out clearly at that time.

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