ESO Slay Dragons Save Cats, $190,612 Has Already Been Raised
ESO Slay Dragons Save Cats, $190,612 Has Already Been Raised

During the Season of the Dragon, you've fought to protect the Khajiiti people from a monstrous threat. Before it comes to an end, the Elder Scrolls Online community organized an event for slaying Dragons and donate up to $200,000 for the in-need pets in real-world charities, which is known as #SlayDragonsSaveCats#.

A few months ago, ESO called on players to join the Season of the Dragon. For every five Dragons are slain, ESO donated one dollar to the pet welfare charities up to $200,000 total.

This event will end on December 9, 2019, and there is less than a week left to slay the Dragons. Currently, it shows on ESO's official site that $190,612 has bee raised, which is very close to its goal. Until then, all donations will be given to two major charities, Bets Friends Animal Society and Four Paws to establish shelters for stray animals.

As SlayDragonsSaveCats near the conclusion, ESO is running a week-long livestreaming event to make the final effort for the donation until December 8. During the event, all ESO streamers can make donations at any time, and the ESO community will randomly issue a part of rewards according to the amount of donations.

Each campaign reaches $1,000 in donation, five legendary Dragon Wolf pets will be given away randomly.

Every $2,500 in donation, five legendary Dragon Horse mounts will be given away randomly.

When both campaigns reach $5,000, the Creative Director Rich Lambert of ESO promised to dye his hair whatever color.

Every $7,500 in donation, three Wrathstone tablets will be given away randomly.

For $10,000 in donation, one lucky donator will receive a Gaming Heads Breton statue.

In short, the ESO community is doing its best to make donations, and it is calling on players around the world to join the team of protecting animals.

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