Dofus Temporis Season 3: A Battle Between Bonta And Brakmar
Dofus Temporis Season 3: A Battle Between Bonta And Brakmar

Time flies, since the first release of Dofus in September 2004, it's been 15 years. Today, Dofus has gained lots of fans as a hot multiplayer online game along with constant updates and expansion. Recent news came to that the date of Dofus Temporis season 3 adventure has been confirmed, which would launch at the end of July 2019.

There will be a battle between the cities of Bonta and Brakmar in the world of Twelve accompanied with a series of changes and new content.

The first season of Dofus Temporis is just like a test with classic and mediocre games to make it bored, while the next season added some powerful monsters in order to increase challenges as a significant breakthrough. That time, only the players killed the monsters, they were able to get the reward from the monsters.

Season 3
There will be a lot of new changes in this season with two battlefields for players to choose at will, Bonta and Brakmar. If someone doesn't know which one to go, the system will automatically assign a battlefield randomly. Once the players are assigned, they can receive a gift package. But we also don't know what's in the bag, because everyone can get are completely different.

Ankama has planed a lot for the new season including deploying not less than six servers, which is entirely different from the past two seasons.

The server will run during the next over two months, along with a total of 48 tempotons to farmer through it. We can only see all novelties at present, if interested, you can keep focus on, we are going to tell you all in time.

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