DOFUS Lunar New Year Event: Running After Rats To Steal Fortune Cookies
DOFUS Lunar New Year Event: Running After Rats To Steal Fortune Cookies

Will you celebrate the lunar New Year? In China, this is a celebration as important as Christmas, family will gather together for a reunion dinner. Surely, is it exciting to add such events to a game? DOFUS will do it.

At this time of last year, you were running after poor, defenseless Lousy Pigs to steal little cookies and got bonuses, which could help you make extra benefits in DOFUS.

According to the Chinese zodiac, it's turn to the rats, but it may not be as greedy as the Lousy Pigs, they are just being driven up the walls and want to get off his ride.

The event will last from January 25 to February 8, everyone is allowed to head to Pandala and eat those delicious Fortune Cookies called Fortunawa Cookies, which can pump up not only the waistbands, but also the intelligence, strength, agility and chance.

Beyond that, each cookie contains a quote matching a bonus, which can be used to exchange for Vitality throughout DOFUS.

With it, you'll get the chance to gain a new ceremonial pet, Ratalda, just similar to the Dragon Pig last year. So are you ready to play with the cute elf?

Beyond that, there is also a good piece of news, Ankama decides not reset Oto-Mustam, but creating a new server after the community survey.

For DOFUS, it is hard work to fully recover the server to 0 of Oto-Mustam, from equipment to people, while it might be easier to create a second identical server but blank.

Under these circumstances, Thanatena was an ideal choice for ubiquitous inclination representative of death in DOFUS, and its launch as a Temporis or IIyzaelle in its infancy, with the same qu' Oto-Mustam rules, which is much better than the previous ones, and it remains to get to the bottom with the scheduled release in 2020.

As for DOFUS Kamas, I can share with you a very good store, MMOAH, presumably you have seen its name on major websites and even Google, which proves that it has well accepted by most consumers. Because it is responsible to all, it never sells any low-quality or expensive goods to anyone, including but not limited to DOFUS Kamas. If you are tired of farming, the store will let you get rid of it completely and invest more time in-game content.

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