Content update adds two Incursion rooms to Path of Exile
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As promised, Grinding Gear Games are going to be adding two new Incursion rooms in Path of Exile's content update 3.3.1, where "room" is the reason for all the past, present and future variants of rooms. The update is scheduled for 03 July 2018.

The rooms are classified as Torment Cells and Strongbox Chamber, which act services or products other room and may be upgraded so. Speaking of upgrades, Torment Cells upgrade to Torture Cages and Sadist's Den, while Strongbox Chamber turns to Hall of Locks and Court of Sealed Death.

As far as gameplay goes, this is the same deal - discover the boss and feed him a knuckle mana sandwich, albeit it sounds much simpler than it is used. Loot as necessary. Also, don't confuse film with the new rooms, it's simply an updated Demonic Shield charge.

Torment Cells are riddled with tormented spirits, waiting on tormentable bodies to posses. Tzamoto, Architect of Torment, the delightful chap from your photo below, is just one of Torment Cells denizens plus the dev enquires whether you "dare allow him to become possessed?"

Tier I of Torment Cells rooms has three tormented spirits, with two additional ones for each and every subsequent tier. Note that if you'd like help attending to 'Complete these Encounters I', Tormented Embezzlers come in the Sadist's Den.

The Strongbox Chamber is guarded by architect of concealment Zantipi and yes it seems to be heavily favoured with the Path of Exile community, consequently. The room packs "just about all types of strongbox" around, for example the cartographer's and "various unique" strongboxes.

Getting the very best loot obviously means you must upgrade the space at virtually any opportunity plus the room's tier will dictate the quantity of many of them will there be to be found. Tier I, II and III contain two, for and six strongboxes, respectively.

Incursion has shown to be a major hit for Grinding Gear and Path of Exile, boosting the game's Steam numbers by an amazing margin. The game's positioned on Xbox One and so the numbers are better yet than GabeN suggests, but you are a proper indicator how the dev is pulling the many right moves.

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