Congratulations! Cloud 9 Got The First Prize In Dreamhack Dallas 2019 Rocket League
Source: MMOAH

Last week, the second leg of Rocket League's DreamHack Pro Circuit started from Friday to Sunday consisted of 32 teams, after three days' tournament, Cloud 9 was crowned as the new champion.

As the last major tournament before the RLCS World Championship next month, the results have brought excitement ahead to the season's conclusion.

The tournament was organized into four groups of eight squads and started pair-to-pair confrontation for two days based on seeding and the selected top two teams from every group were provided an exciting single elimination bracket.

For audiences, they favorites are NRG Esports( also known as NRG) which was from North America and Renault Vitality from Europe respectively. Therefore, they were given great expectation in DH Dallas 2019. Not to everyone's disappointment, they both had great RLCS7 group stage scores and qualified to the RLCS7 World Championships with the first-place regional playoff results, which meant that the audiences had the chance to see the two powerhouses go head to head.

Besides the two powerful regional champions, other 30 teams were ready at any time to fight for the first prize and the share of $100,000 prize pool.

Lastly, Cloud 9 took down Team SoloMid to win the DreamHack Pro Circuit: Dallas Grand Final with the score of 4-2. And the other two teams of the quarterfinalists, Team Dignitas, Evil Geniuses received automatic invitation to DreamHack Valencia 2019. At that time, Renault Vitality, FC Barcelona, NRG Esports and The Peeps will return as they qualified through the EU and NA Closed Qualifiers.

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