Buy Housing In Final Fantasy XIV And Keep It

Since its first release, Final Fantasy XIV has attracted a stale group of players with unique storyline and continuous updates, it is an MMO close to reality, simulating the penetration of Eorzea and survive.

The major feature of Final Fantasy XIV is the in-game economy controlled entirely by players, with "money", you can decide all at will, and even housing.

Housing is the ultimate goal of everyone in Final Fantasy XIV, combining decoration, gardening and comfort, but not each one can own a house when they leave the game. With the guide, you can quickly buy your favorite housing.

In Final Fantasy XIV, only players above level 50 who have reached the Second Lieutenant rank with the Grand Company are allowed to buy a house in Shirogane. Each one can buy only one personal house for one service account on each server.

Surely, apart from personal housing, you still have the chance to apply for company house after meeting the requirements, there must be 4 or more members in your FC and reached Rank 6, and the FC's leader has set the rank with permission to purchase or relinquish land.

Just like in reality, not everyone can afford a house, and the housing prices depend on its size, location and appreciation space. House can be bought with FFXIV Gil, in-game currency, even a small house cost 3 to 4 million Gil, and the larger must cost more.

FFXIV Gil is not always easy to get, daily farming can not meet the growing demand, MMOAH can provide help to you when buying a house.

Incidentally, it doesn't belong to you forever after buying the housing, when you haven't entered the house for more than 45 days to keep it, the plot will be considered abandoned and will go back up for sale.

Anyway, you must be hard enough to save money to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV, don't forget to visit MMOAH when necessary, it will make buying a house easier.

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