Aura Kingdom Mobile launches globally
Aura Kingdom Mobile launches globally

Players can now easily download and experience the anime theme on both the popular Android and iOS operating systems.

As the Game Boy Advance has announced, X-Legend Entertainment, the online game development company Aura Kingdom and Twin Saga, has announced a new mobile game called Aura Kingdom Mobile (Original Name: The Amazing Spider-Man: Revelation. Original Goddess / 幻想 神 域: 啟 源 女神) in September 2016. Similar to the PC version, Aura Kingdom Mobile players will team up with the Eidolons to stop Shadow Knight's ambitions.

Aura Kingdom Mobile retains some of the highlights of Aura Kingdom from its cute animated graphics platform and engaging action gameplay. However, the interface of Aura Kingdom Mobile has been adjusted to fit the touch screen of mobile devices.

Aura Kingdom Mobile does not offer a selection of character classes, but gives players the option to use a variety of weapons corresponding to each class that you see in role-playing games. Staff: Wizards, Dual Pistols (Gunslingers), Cannon (Grenadiers), Magic Book (Sorcerers) and Harp (Bards). In addition, players also get the help of powerful Eidolons with special abilities such as fast moving, buff strength of character ...

After 2 years of opening in Taiwan, Aura Kingdom Mobile has officially launched a global version on both Android and iOS. Currently, the Vietnamese community has been able to participate in the game relatively easily.

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