South Korea-based developer Lion Games Studios prepares to unleash its free-to-play Anime-Action MMO SOULWORKER to North American audiences. Choosing from a roster of colorful characters, players fight their way through over 100 post-apocalyptic dungeons in solo or co-op mode. SOULWORKER features direct action control, thrilling PvP, and intense battle sessions – all crafted within a unique art style that’s bound to captivate anime fans.

First released in Japan in 2016 and South Korea the year after, SOULWORKER’s version for English-speaking audiences – published by Gameforge – entered Open Beta in February 2018. PC players can currently access the overall game on Steam or over the official Gameforge website.

The Story

The shadow of death covers the floor, ravaged by chaos and destruction. A portal, the Void, allowed sinister demons to overlap into society. Their goal is to reduce all humanity. Fortunately, the gods bestowed a shimmer of hope upon humanity: the SoulWorkers: children who used to be lost towards the Void and who've now returned to Earth. Equipped with supernatural powers, they have got the potential that will put an end for the dark forces.

No matter if you want to play solo or as a team, both paths lead for the same endgame. SOULWORKER could be played at varying difficulty levels for group sizes including 1 to 4 players.


Currently, four characters are for sale to play (with two read more about the way) from the English version (the initial versions sport six characters, with two more about the way). Each character has their own unique weapons and skills. Character skills can further be improved by leveling through quests and dungeons. Additionally, players also obtain more skills while they increase in level.
Erwin Arclight

His natural charms let Erwin spin his admirers’ hearts in to a tizzy. His supreme confidence is simply overshadowed by his extraordinarily curious nature. The former TV star knows no fear. He faces danger with the over-confident grin painted on his face, and the two Gun Jazz pistols within his hands. (“Gun Jazz” ought to be a new musical genre, STAT).
Haru Estia

The warm-hearted Haru lost everything she held dear. But don’t be fooled by that shy and timid exterior. Deep inside her burns a flame fueled by her lust for revenge. Her dutiful soul forged the noble yet deadly Soulum Sword this is certainly her one true companion.
Lilly Bloomemerchen

Lilly, whose badass demeanor makes her our personal favorite character, would rather antagonize and also has a cutting remark at hand. When the demons descended upon the earth from the void, they killed her only friend. This event revealed Lilly’s madness and her soul manifested as being the deadly Mist Scythe. Now she fights the horrors with this new world her very own way – the harder brutal, the higher quality.
Stella Unibell

First of most, how might you not love a character who fights evil WITH A GUITAR??? The baby from the SoulWorkers, she’s as vulnerable as jane is cute. Stella is often a branded child, whose soul screams through her Howling Guitar. The heart-wrenching chords this girl plays sound the end for many people a foe. The well-meaning demon that lives from the instrument will defend Stella for the end.

The original version of the overall game also features two additional characters — Jin Seipatsu (a brawler) and Iris Yuma (who fights using a hammer). Hopefully, they'll debut within the English version soon.

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