The following reviews are several classic points of views listed on Youtube for Revelation Online 2-year operation:

"I love the game, the game itself is amazing, the combat is nice, the PVP is nice, I like almost everything in the game. I am an endgame player of RO, listed on the top might score in my server snowpine. But destroyed the game. They handle every single part of the game poorly. I could stay all day long here writing all the bad choices they made, but in the end, it just feels like they don't even know how to manage the game. It's funny. They don't know how to deal with the gaming code or they don't have enough people to deal with it, obviously. The company had to put up new stuff in the cash shop through the site instead of the in-game shop because they claimed to break the game if they did so. They cant restore ANY item that u might lose in the game through bugs or not, they don't know how to do it so because their support team is the WORST EVER IN EXISTENCE OF EARTH. They don't understand the game, they don't even know how to TEST the future patches they going to implement, its a fiasco every time they put up a new patch and ALWAYS a huge amount of crucial things in the game break! The chats, the cash shop, the quests, the reset of ascension stones/Nyx, even the "whispers" they took 7 to 8 months to fix (might as well say that it was working feature in CLOSED BETA). The ways of breaking the game are never enough. They ALWAYS find a new way, even unlocking the level up when it was not supposed to be unlocked. Not to mention their shit "events" where the rewards are delivered through the site inventory but u ALWAYS have trouble receiving them IF u ever receive them! In my opinion, the game itself is almost flawless. is the WORST company I EVER DEALT within my almost 10 years of playing MMOs. It's beyond sad. It discourages everyone that even try to play the game. Not even to mention the p2w shit. I just hope NetEase realize that or the game end up getting sold to another company since the population decrease every month is so crazy that in my server there are only 2 guilds to compete with each other. In Darkfall server has only 1 guild for the longest time now. Don't even wanna know how Divine Overlook is dealing with all of this crap. It's just funny and sad at the same time."

"Revelation Online was a great game at first but sadly I had to quit like any other player would cuz of bot spammers and limited dungeons, grindings and untranslated quests, there were 4 servers on EU and 2 of those servers closed, I played until I got lv 50 and later on there is pretty much nothing for you to do... I mean there is the main quest but you cant do it with friends and you are too weak to do it solo, you dont get any exp from “zone” monsters and you constantly have to repeat the same dungeon every day which gets boring, even tho the game is fully released there are still bugs and glitches that need fixing, like: portals dont work, ghost houses, slow render, unpopulated town aka ghost towns, dead AI, long range mele attack...(literaly stands 10 meters away from me, swings his sword and hits me)...(the same thing goes when flying, im far above his head and he fucking hits me with a mele attack and stuns me)...unlimited jumping, diving under water for few seconds and losing health even tho the oxygen bar is still 70% full, monster range attacks following you and going throu walls and objects, even tho its tab target sometimes it breaks down and says that target is not in line of sight, unable to trade with friends.....and other things, dont want to write an entire biografy bout basicaly I got feed up with all this shit and quit the game."